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If you are thinking about designing your own coffee bar, here are some tips to help you create the perfect caffeination station. Whether you want to enhance the area where you keep the coffee pot or devote an entire wall to a cafe buffet, you should consider how much area is available, what accessories you would like to include, and what aesthetic style suits your fancy. When looking for the perfect area, consider corners, nooks, or even vertical space that is not is use. Try to allow at least a foot of space from the coffeemaker to the counter edge for preparation area so you have room to safely place the cup on the counter and add your cream and sugar. When deciding what accessories to include start with the coffee pot of course, then decide what else to include based on your tastes and amount of space available. A microwave nearby will always come in handy. You will also need space for cups, saucers, spoons, cream, sugar, coffee, coffee filters, and napkins. If you’re like me and enjoy tea, then be sure to include storage for teabags and honey as well. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also add hot chocolate or cocoa to your spread. Besides picking out the necessary accessories, you can also have fun by adding signs, a chalkboard or other decorative items. The possibilities are endless as far as style goes. The most important thing is to create a functional space that brings a smile to your face to start the day. Once you have considered all of the items you feel are necessary, start your design process. Here are some of our favorite coffee station designs to help inspire your creativity. Station Inspiration

Old Crow Coffee Station

Farmhouse Coffee Bar -


Buffet Transformed to Coffee Bar-Hometalk
Source: Hometalk

fall coffe bar station

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